Ridley Dean Frameset

Ridley Dean Frameset

Ridley Dean Frameset

Ridley Dean Frameset

Ridley Dean Frameset
Ridley Dean Frameset
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Frame Set

  • Ridley

Ridley Dean Frameset Black - Red

  • $3,500.00

About the Dean
The Dean is our extremely versatile bike for that everyday adventurer who thrives on challenges against the clock. Inspired by our Dean FAST, incorporating F-Surface Plus technology, the Dean is made of 30/20-ton high-modulus carbon fibre layup. It is designed for max comfort without compromising efficiency or weight. 

It’s for someone who is up for a challenge at any time. Wanna go for the win at your local time trial? Or maybe hit a cool ironman in a foreign country? With the Dean, you can go for it…no support crew needed. We spec it with standard parts that you can find almost anywhere you go. 

It’s easy to transport, easy to self-maintain. Heck, it’s even easy to support yourself during the long races thanks to its uniquely-designed bento-box. It’s made out of three parts – base, spacer, box. The more spacers you add, the more volume you win…meaning, the more food you can take. 

When you’re ready to take that plunge in making your Dean more aerodynamic, you can simply upgrade to the cockpit components spec’d on our Dean FAST. OR if you are looking to turn your Dean into a regular aero road bike, simply swap the handlebars with standard road drop bars. 

Available in both mechanical and electronic shifting.

RIDLEY CARBON: We use only the best quality carbon available, sourced from Toray. They are the world’s leading carbon manufacturer, supplying mainly to the aerospace industry. The grades of high-modulus carbon we use vary from our most pliable 24-ton, which gives the frame flex and comfort, to 60-ton which is our stiffest. 

F-SURFACE PLUS: F-Surface Plus technology was created so you can convert the same watts into higher speeds. This technology is incorporated into our Noah and Dean models. It is the application of a textured surface (similar to grooves in a golf ball) in strategic locations for decreased wind drag. What these grooves do is create a tiny turbulence which causes the main flow of air to better follow the shape of the tube. With a smooth air travel around the frame, you’ll expertly cut through wind. The stronger the wind, the more you will feel this technology working for you.

FRAME Dean, 24T-30T UD Carbon, FAST Technology

Dean Aero 24T-30T Aero Fork

BRAKES Shimano Ultegra / Tektro T750R Direct Mount

Dean Aero Seat Post


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