To nurture the love of cycling, Entro Cycle holds weekly sessions of amateur cycle group rides organised by Entro Cycle and/ or in connection with the ALMS Cycling Team.

Time               : 8PM
Meeting point : Entro Cycles @ First Center

Our group currently consists of 40 members with about 20 cyclists participating in each ride. The sessions are free for anybody to join and there are no age limits.

New riders to the group are encouraged to join the slower pack to get familiarised with our group riding style. You can join the faster groups as you progress.

While we invite anybody to join our group, there are a few issues to note:

Most bicycles are allowed. But the rides will be more enjoyable if you participate with a road bicycle as the majority of our riders are on road bicycles.

Especially for outdoor rides, you are advised to be equipped with the following:

  1. Helmet
  2. Front and rear lights
  3. Proper covered footwear
  4. Personal ID and cash for emergency
  5. Sufficient water
  6. Spare tube/ pump

To join and get an idea of the cycling route we'll be taking, please contact us at least 3 days in advance via

T: +65 6481 9195

While we have experienced riders amongst us who will take care of members, don't forget that these are casual ride sessions. Therefore, we are not liable for any mishaps and accidents with the activities conducted by us. Remember that your safety is your own responsibility.