Fizik Arione 00 Saddle

Fizik Arione 00 Saddle

Fizik Arione 00 Saddle

Fizik Arione 00 Saddle

Fizik Arione 00 Saddle
Fizik Arione 00 Saddle


  • Fizik

Fizik Arione 00 Saddle

  • $420.00

A saddle that delivers the best for those who demand lightness and flexibility. The Arione is longer than any other saddle, flat from nose to tail and with a narrow nose, so you can move around to find your power spot.

Arione 00 represents the pinnacle of innovation and design within the Arione collection of professional racing saddles, featuring a full double-carbon shell – which enables flexibility where your thighs meet the saddle – and a Braided Carbon rail.

It's light, flexible and agile, enabling you to perform at your optimum. It's designed for pros, with pros and raced by pros.

ARIONE: flat profile saddle designed for riders with high body flexibility and no pelvic rotation whilst pedalling

SOLID: handmande construction for optimal power transfer, combined with a resilient cushioning for even distribution of body weight

00: a combination of a high module full carbon shell and carbon rail for ultimate stiffness and lightness 

Moebius rail: closed loop design for a balanced weight distribution

  • Length: 299 mm
  • Width: 123 mm
  • Weight: 148 g
  • Height at 75mm width: 43 mm
  • Length from nose to 75 mm width: 144 mm

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