C-bear T47 - Race

C-bear T47 - Race

C-bear T47 - Race

C-bear T47 - Race

C-bear T47 - Race
C-bear T47 - Race
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  • C-BEAR

C-bear T47 - Race

  • $304.00

Aluminium Housing

Precisioned cnc aluminium bottom bracket cup/housing instead of plastic housing.
C-Bear took a very early position not to use plastic cups (back in 2011/12 when most were adding all sorts of plastic accessory parts to force the 2 components - bicycle bottom bracket shell and crank - to fit).  Metal alloy housings requires:

  • Higher precision
  • Tighter tolerance
  • No Flex
  • No tendency to deform

Designed to place C-Bear ceramic bearings next to the crankarm for optimal stiffness and maximum power transfer.

Eliminate unecessary add-ons

  • Eliminate lose parts (spacer, wave ring, adapters....) 
  • No loctite (glueing)
    optimal tight fit, just press-in.

This product is only available in our showroom. Give us a call at 64819195 or Whatsapp us at 90277100 to check on the stock availability. 

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